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Snowmobile Winthrop

Your safe enjoyment of the Methow Mountains is our #1 priority! We employ “Leave No Trace” practices from start to finish by using the most fuel efficient snowmobiles on the market and ensuring the only things left behind are some snowmobile tracks and lots of smiles!

Our Services

What Service We Provide

Have experience and are knowledge about the Mountains surrounding Winthrop and Mazama, and you are comfortable on a snowmobile then head out for the day without one of our experienced guides. If not, then we highly recommend taking a guide with you.


Single Snowmobile

$150-170 Half Day Single Seat



Dual Snowmobile

$180-200 Half Day Dual Seat



Full Guide Service

$200 Half Day Guide Service



Hwy-20 Back Country ski/snowboard snowmobile
(CFR Rack)

$225 Full Day 

Our Testimonials

What Clients Say About Us

The customer’s experience and safety is our #1 priority!

"Could not be more pleased with my experience with SW; Doug's knowledge of snowmobiles and understanding of the National Forests surrounding Winthrop and Mazama made for a great day of snowmobiling for me and my family. I'll be back again next year!"

    Drew P.

    "Snowmobile Winthrop's communication leading up to our day of snowmobiling was key to my family's fun - Doug made sure we knew what to expect and he delivered on every level! Looking forward to getting back there next winter!"

      Terry G.

      "Great weather and great equipment made for a great day of snowmobiling!"


        "I'll be back!"

          Matt P.

          "I showed up yesterday morning apprehensive of snowmobiles! I left with nothing but a huge smile on my face! Doug took the time and had the patience to ensure I was comfortable operating a snowmobile and it allowed me to keep up with my boyfriend all day!"

            Riley Z

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